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So, Class is Getting Difficult.

By Aninafish @aninafish

And I'm just in my third day. Not that I'm surprised, really. We're currently in the basics part of the course—yes, yes, I know sinong napakasteep ng learning curve?—and I'm struggling. I am psyched though that my application of base, correcting and concealing is definitely better. I've also started breathing throughout the difficult parts. But when it comes to creating facial balance? Well, there's the doozy.


Colors are definitely important but learning how to trick the eye into thinking that a face is symmetrical is a skill. This would involve contouring, eyebrow shaping, eyeshadow application for shaping and lip shaping. (I'm surprised though that eyeliner hasn't been discussed here, eyeliner can make a huge difference.)

I came home saturday night feeling really defeated, it's not that I made my model monstrous—I just didn't make her look pretty. Throughout college or even grad school, I've stopped wanting the gold star—but there's something about make-up school that makes me really want to hear my teacher say that I did a good job. 

So I've been consulting the Make Up Designory's Beauty Make-up textbook and the net of course, and I found a new beauty guru whom I love. I also found a ton of illustrations on the web which I hope will supplement my knowledge.


I've romanticized how working with your hands is the best way to learn something, which I'm sure is still true especially with make-up. But I guess I can't deny that learning through books and explanations, words basically is still an integral part of who I am.

This is Lisa Eldrige and her basic contouring video. 

It really does feel like school now. 

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