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Snowplow Proofing Your Mailbox

By Bluecollarworkman @TB_BlueCollar

Work has been dried up a lot during the holidays, so I’ve been taking a lot of side jobs. One side job I had recently was to snowplow proof this dudes mailbox.

Snowplow proofed mailbox

Snowplow proofed mailbox

He said he was sick of snowplows plowing into it every year, denting it, breaking it, bending it in half… so he wanted me to make it more solid.

If you’ve got this problem too, here’s what you do.

1. Slap more reflectors on your mailbox. A lot of mailboxes have a reflector on them, but add more. Snow plows work at night a lot to get everything cleared for the commuters in the morning — reflectors mean they can see your mailbox better.

2. Change out your tiny, metal post for a thick, sturdy wooden one. That beast won’t bend in half or be broken by a plow.

3. Sink the new sturdy wooden pole about 4 feet into the ground. This will make it really solid and unmovable.

No plow is going to destroy that guy’s mailbox this year!

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