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Bjorn Sieber Young Life Lost Paperblog Pick in Snow

Bjorn Sieber – A Young Life Lost

photo : Tim in Sydney October 26th was National Neutrality day for Austria, a day of celebration and focus on sporting activities. But for one family in Vorarlberg it was a day of... Read more

Countdown Championship Competition Commemorated With Coin Austria Paperblog Pick in Snow

Countdown To The Ski Championship Competition Commemorated With a New Coin In Austria

October 24th marks the start of the countdown to the World Ski Championships in Schladming, Styria. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, the Austrian Mint will release a new... Read more


  • Safety On The Slopes: Things To Follow

    Safety Slopes: Things Follow

    Skiing or snowboarding on the French Alps can give you endless hours of fun. But the slopes can easily become dangerous if you don’t follow safety measures. Read more

    The 19 October 2012 by   Simplypiste
  • Skiing Helmets: To Wear Or Not To Wear

    Skiing Helmets: Wear

    Should you wear a safety helmet when skiing or not? Should it be made law to wear said safety helmet? Or should it only be mandatory for children to wear... Read more

    The 18 October 2012 by   Simplypiste
  • Top iPhone Apps For Skiers And Snowboarders

    iPhone Apps Skiers Snowboarders

    Skiing and snowboarding have been popular sports for a long time now but recent developments in technology have seen the boundaries of the sports pushed. Read more

    The 02 October 2012 by   Simplypiste
  • How to Choose Ski Goggles and Lenses

    Choose Goggles Lenses

    There are many factors which can help you decide which ski goggles and lenses are right for you. These are a necessary piece of ski gear and if you are serious... Read more

    The 28 October 2012 by   Simplypiste
  • The Needles – From Mother Earth To Rock Climbers

    Needles From Mother Earth Rock Climbers

    Already on the approach you get a feeling for the rough textured and sharp, white granite, as you cross the slabs behind the Needles Watch tower. After an... Read more

    The 31 October 2012 by   Mountainspirit
  • How to Layer Clothing for Skiing

    Layer Clothing Skiing

    The best way to choose layered clothing for skiing is to go with a three layer process. Many people opt for two layers, but this can mean that if you get too ho... Read more

    The 13 October 2012 by   Simplypiste
  • Waiting on Athena: The Weather Channel to Name Winter Storms

    Waiting Athena: Weather Channel Name Winter Storms

    The Weather Channel recently announced it will name significant winter storms starting this season. Much like how the National Hurricane Center assigns names... Read more

    The 17 October 2012 by   Kimkircher
  • Travel to Colorado Ski Resorts

    Travel Colorado Resorts

    Aspen Guide Aspen Colorado is located about 3 hours west from downtown Denver making it easy to get to when you come to Colorado. Read more

    The 27 October 2012 by   Simplypiste

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