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Snow Dyeing

By Somanycolors
I've been reading about snow dyeing for a while now and tried it for the first time about two weeks ago. I had some rather nondescript scarves, two in bamboo/cotton jersey (left and center) and one in cotton interlock (on the right).
Snow Dyeing
This pic shows them dried after soaking in soda ash. Boring!
Here we have the results, same order left to right.
Snow DyeingI'm pretty happy with the results.
There are several really good tutorials out there so I'm not going to post my own. Check these out if you want to try snow dyeing:
Vicki Welsh, well known dyer from Field Trips in Fiber, has the most comprehensive tut that I could find. I love Vicki's work and her interest in testing just about everything! Her approach is like mine, if you're not sure about a technique or instructions, test it. And she is so generous in sharing what she learns.
Gayle McKay of Gayle's Gallery placed her prepared fabric in trays without raising them on mesh. She also seems to have removed the snow before it completely melted. A different technique but it worked just fine with lovely results.
Finally, I loved the finished results of Kathy Schwartz of Tamarack Shack. Also like the mesh screens her husband built. I've been thinking about doing something similar but maybe with higher sides so I can get the snow more evenly distributed over the fabric.
All three scarves are available for purchase, two on Etsy and one on ArtFire. And I'm going to do a little more snow dyeing this afternoon!

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