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Snoozing the Day Away

By Sue15cat
Snoozing the Day Away
I've been sat here for possibly longer than I should, updating my other blog and perusing Facebook as well as checking personal and business banking and paying bills (so not all frivolous time wasting then ;-) ), and all the time I have been 'working' to the restful background sound of Suky's snores.
Now she has lost weight she snores much more quietly.  She is down from 12.2 kgs to just 9.9kg, all done slowly but surely over the last six months and monitored through Tubby Club at the vets.
Mavis loves to cuddle into any other sleeping animal and soon joined Suky on the old dog bed by the desk.  Unusually this time,  they are topping and tailing ... very cute.  I can't get over how much like Rosy Mavis now looks since her trim at the groomers.  
Her wiry top coat hid the same smooth coat as Rosy, with the same black 'freckles' showing through the white fur.  Her black patch on her right hand side is more circular than Rosy's patch, which is on her left hand side.  Taking them out one at a time people would be convinced they were one and the same dog, but together the main difference, apart from size and build, is obvious Mavis has brown ears and forehead and Rosy has black ... and she has a black band around her tail.
Snoozing the Day Away
My lovely girls.
Sue xx

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