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Snoopy Loopy Bedroom Tax Officers Watching Your Every Move

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10074082 Snoopy Loopy Bedroom Tax Officers Watching Your Every Move

Snoopy Loopy Bedroom Tax Officers Watching Your Every Move

Husbands and wives who have a spare room will have their housing benefit slashed but people who are separated and live together will not says The Mirror today.

My question is how can you decide if a couple living together are together or are just living together, but not together?

If the snoppy loopy employers were to follow my husband and myself for the day outside of the home, you would never see me. I hardly leave our home and if we do and are together then no we don’t look like the romantic loved up married couple. We do not hold hands or show affection in public, so how can they decide if a couple out in public together are actually together as such?

The argument I would put across if in this situation would be that especially when children are involved of course a couple will do their very best to unite and put on a happy front in the view of the children. There is no rule that says when a relationship brakes down you have to hate eac hother, is it not better for all parties involved if you can remain friends?

The Government could employ snoopers who will put couples claiming they are living together, but are not together under surveillance.

Labour MP Diana Johnson said she feared some happily married couples could take advantage of the loophole by claiming their marriage was over.

She said: “The only way they are going to tell if a couple is still together is to put them under surveillance. They are going to have to start snooping.”

More than 600,000 people, including 420,000 disabled, will be hit by the bedroom tax – dubbed the spare room subsidy by the Tories – when it comes into force on April 1.

What Do You Think Of  The New  Snoopy Loopy Bedroom Tax Idea?

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