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Snobbing Robot – Supporting Insanely Talented Individuals Who Are Creating and Sharing Their Art Online.

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Back in 2012, I met the founder of an amazing new concept for talented individuals who create and share their love for art online. It is an online trade-style magazine called Snobby Robot which is dedicated to the web series community – covering series, showcasing talents, and learning how to succeed in new media.

Erik Urtz is the founder of Snobby Robot, and he felt that “for the first time in history people have the ability to bring artistic visions to life and share them with the world – all they need is the desire to do so. There are no more gatekeepers, the internet provides the perfect repository for every culture to put all of their artistic output on display.”

I felt his concept was so interesting that I got involved and covered a couple of interviews for his website. You may watch them by clicking here.

If you watch the interviews, you’ll notice how much thought, time and heart these artist put into their projects. As Urtz says “this isn’t Hollywood, these shows are created from the heart, not for the purpose of making a profit, but because for their creators there is no other choice but to create.”

Now, Snobby Robot is creating a magazine to take coverage to the next level! With this new e-magazine they will be able to cover artist around the world, beyond filmmaking and into the core of what it means to be a creative person and live a creative lifestyle.

You may “subscribe” to the magazine by contributing as little as $5, which represents a payment per issue (issues will be released quarterly). Additionally, you have the option of advertising your content, channels or services to the community on their magazine. You can cancel or change your contribution level at anytime.

Urtz feels that “all of us working in the world of new media, and online distribution face similar issues, flex similar creative muscles and ultimately have a lot to learn from each other. In the end, no matter if you are a web series creator, photographer, or a podcaster, every article and every section in the magazine will be designed to inspire your creativity.”

I really believe in the wonderful concept Urtz has created. Snobby Robot gathers every artist and celebrates their work. If you have any questions, please reach out to Erik Urtz on twitter, @snobbyrobot, as he is very active there. You can be part of this new movement by clicking here.


Snobbing Robot – Supporting insanely talented individuals who are creating and sharing their art online.

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