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Sniffing 101.. - F

By Dailydoseofmusings @mythoughts4sure
We were dispatched this morning to a local high school, to assist those already on scene. Of course, we figure that there had to be something seriously going on because your average firefighter/paramedic doesn't ask for aid unless they need it folks!
We were soon briefed on route that there were several high school students experiencing difficulty breathing.  We arrive, just as the first ambulance crew is loading their first patient into the back of the box.  I took a quick glance and noticed that their patient was indeed unconscious.  As one of the paramedics gets out the IV supplies, her partner tells us that there are two more in bad shape just outside the principals office.
Not really knowing what these kids have gotten themselves into or how bad it is because of limited info, we rushed towards the office area with our gear.  To our surprise, the office staff is in full panic mode and when I say panic mode, I mean FULL panic mode.  They physically pull us down the hallway just outside the office where there are two boys, with that zoned out look.  They had that thousand yard stare, dilated pupils and a very odd little red circle around their nose and mouth. Very odd!
We went about our assessments and other than finding them completely zoned way out, they were breathing OK with fairly normal vitals.  That's when I turned to the panic stricken principal and ask "What the heck happened?"
"They were sniffing." he said.  ('Sniffing' gentle readers is where people sniff chemicals/inhalants such as paint, gasoline, hairspray, glue, etc. in an attempt to get high.  The problem is, it usually will instantly fry the braincells.)
"Sniffing what???" I asked.
At that point, I see the principal pick up some sort of can, with some foil wrapped around it to what I guess, is to prevent spilling.  He holds the can up and replies "This stuff.  They were caught with this by a faculty member while they were using it on their break."
It was then... right before my eyes that the principal proceeds to take off the foil, holds the can up under his nose and SMELLS it!!!!  "Whooa! That's quite the strong smell."  He holds the can out towards me.  "You should smell this stuff," he says.
Surely my eyes are playing tricks on me because he seriously didn't do what I just saw him do?!  Holy crap... did he really just sniff the can???
I stood up, marched over to him and with all the command voice I could muster I barked "Don't do that!!  Geesh... that's why we are here for them in the first place!!!"
It took him a couple of minutes to realize what he just did, so he covers the can and leaves the vicinity.  Kids are transported to ER.  I think that these sniffers will be riding the short bus to a 'special school' for high school students with dead brain cells.
Not sure if their principal will get moved to the 'special school' or not.
My gawd! When I was a teenager, all we did was smoke a little pot and inhale helium from balloons to make each other laugh at our voices.
Sniffing 101.. - F

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