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By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz


Behold: an awkward capture of myself in full sneeze. I think I love it because it's the antithesis of the purpose of the "selfie," a capture usually of an overwhelming flattering content. This selfie is so very NOT FLATTERING. 

I'll confess: I'm pretty fucking good at taking a flattering selfie. In fact NOBODY takes a more flattering picture of moi, than moi. FACT: I don't know of another human being who has the patience or willingness to milk out a good angle, perfect lighting or the persistence to keep taking picture  upon picture to get THAT PHOTO: the one that makes me look VERY GOOD. 

But I'm a sucker for an interesting photo, and to be honest, flattering photos especially selfies are often BORING. Because omission is boring and perfection is dull. 

That said, trust me, I'll be posting some flattering self portraits and selfies because, well, no one else seems interested in doing it. 

(For even more disgustingly flatteringly proliferation of selfies, do check out my Instagramz here)

How do you feel about taking selfies? Are you into it? Do you do it? Any tip or tricks of the trade? 

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