Life Coach Magazine

Smoke and Mirrors

By Zeusdreamcaster @rhmadi

Under the blue skies, we were lost in this paradise

And my heart was beating, like a thousand drums in a choir

Brick by brick, we built ourselves a house of dreams

Painted it with rainbow feelings and moonlit promises

Darling, who could have known that love hurts like this

Next time I create the heavens, I won’t let you down

I’ll deliver you from all of this, smoke and mirrors

Eternal walks along my heart, as my time was running out

You sighed shyly, your crystal eyes shining brightly

Sweetheart, the horizon was not that far for both of us

Temporary serenades tranquil your beautiful loneliness

My fallen angel, life is all yours now, in birth and in death

Now sleep well dear heart, for you have been darkly desired

I’ll lay down with you, never forsake your light, dreaming again


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