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Smile for the Camera

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Recently I was interviewed by a Chicago Tribune reporter about working as a contract employee. The story was about how people choose to work as contractors and why.
The reporter called and said, "We'd like to take a photo to go with the story. What are you doing today?" It was a normal day really. School pick-up and then golf lessons. Walking Oreo and making dinner. She immediately picked up on golf lessons. She said, "You said one of the reasons you worked as a contractor was to be able to do things with your girls, right?" A few minutes later we arranged to have the photographer come to the golf course.
We were at golf lessons when the call came that the photographer wouldn't make it. What was I doing tomorrow? Well, that day was even more normal -- pick-up at school, walk Oreo. The editor said, "What time is school pick-up?"
The next day a nice, young man showed up to take pictures. He took a few of me sitting on the back patio working. Oreo played nicely with the photographer. A few minutes later we walked to the school. That's when the fun really started.
As soon as the girls met me by the crossing guard, the photographer started clicking away. He snapped pictures all the way home. He took a few shots in the house with the normal chaos that happens when we arrive home. 
A bit after he left I called the school principal to let her know the photographer was taking photos of us. I wasn't bragging as much as I was letting her know so she would be able to answer questions from other parents. After all it's not every day that a photographer follows two students, their Mom and dog home.
Of all those photos, which did they use? One of the last photos he took after we came home. I was hot and sweaty. You can see the sweat on the front of my shirt just under my chin. I was disgusting. Of course I realize no one else will realize how hot ans sweaty I was at that moment. They probably just think i was a bit disheveled as a busy Mom juggling work, daughters and a dog. At least that's what I hope they think.

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