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Smashing Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Don’t want to have an everyday bridal shower? That’s okay, most brides don’t. Today’s bride doesn’t have to settle for cucumber sandwiches and tea (unless of course, that’s what she wants, and then it’s perfectly lovely). There are loads of fun ideas for your bridal shower that the bride and your gal pals will enjoy.


Smashing Bridal Shower Theme Ideas


The best way to pick a bridal shower theme is to not only pick something that the bride will enjoy, but also something that her guests will enjoy too. Often the bridal shower introduces the bride to her new female family members and friends. It is a day to celebrate the bride getting married and also to develop these new friendships. So while it is truly a day all about the bride, you do want to pick a fun activity that guests will enjoy and want to try out. Try a few of our favorites:


Get crafty. Why not take your friends to make jewelry, paint pottery or do something crafty for the afternoon? This is ideal for the bride and her friends who have a DIY style and love to be creative. Not sure how to make a certain craft? Try hiring a craft teacher to give a short lesson on how to do the craft before you all get started, this will be so helpful to all of your guests, and makes your bridal shower even more entertaining.

 Pick an activity

Take a chance. Poker and casino play aren’t just for the boys; lots of gals enjoy game night too. If you and your gal pals enjoy playing poker or going to the casino, this could be a fun bridal shower theme for you. Spend ½ of the time at game play and the other time enjoying a delicious meal and opening gifts. Who knows, one of your guests could get very lucky at the gaming tables!


Mix things up

Make margaritas! Now you can still have the cucumber sandwiches if you wish, but there’s nothing more refreshing than a good margarita if you ask us. Try a fun margarita night, with chips, salsa and appetizers for everyone to enjoy. Mariachi music is an ideal companion too.


Treat Yourselves 

Spa day. Try a day of beauty with your gal pals, and go to your favorite spa for spa treatments. What could be more fun than having manicures, pedicures and facials together? Another way to do this fun bridal shower is to do at home spa treatments, hire spa technicians to come to your home for the day.


Naughty but Nice

Belly dancing or Pole dancing lessons. This is a little saucy for a bridal shower, but it certainly is fun. It’s the perfect choice if you want an active bridal shower that gets everyone on their feet. Remind all of your bridal shower guests to come in comfortable clothing that they can move in. Hire a professional to come to your home or go to a dance studio to learn some fun (and saucy) moves.


Written by Rebecca at Chillisauce Events, specialising in Hen Weekends and Stag Dos.


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