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Smartwatches: a Symposium in Copenhagen and Research Results Today

Posted on the 05 May 2015 by Themarioblog @garciainteract
Smartwatches: a symposium in Copenhagen  and research results todaySmartwatches: a symposium in Copenhagen  and research results today

It’s been in the makings for months, the research conducted by two Aarhhus University students, working closely with the professionals of Stibo Accelerator, with in put and collaboration of the Garcia Media team.  Today, the findings of the first phase of the research are revealed and discussed.

While many of us are still waiting for our Apple Watch to arrive (mine in early June, hopefully), others have been busy researching how we will consume news and information via the smallest of all platforms, and, I must add, the most intimate: it sits right on our wrists.

A fascinating topic, for sure, and one we are approaching with gusto today in Copenhagen at a Smartwatch Symposium, sponsored by Berlingkse, the Danish daily.  A group will gather to analyze the findings from the Aarhus University study, and to discuss how we in the news media will be using that information as we prepare to design and to write and edit for the newest platform.

In my keynote address I will provide a state of the media summary  (we are about to provide information via the media quintet), the two tempos (lean forward, lean back, with the addition of a third mode: at a glance journalism), the role of print (The printed newspaper has lost the time advantage for breaking news ), the rise of mobile from tablets to smartphones (with the start of the journalism of interruptions and curated editions) and, finally, smartwatches and how the era of at a glance journalism has arrived!

Participants will then receive a full briefing of the research findings and the symposium will kick into gear with an analysis of the data and what it means for newsrooms globally.

The age of the media quintet is upon us!

In the blog tomorrow: a summary of the findings from the Smartwatch research.

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