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♥ Smarterer *Review*

By Lacedkittens @LacedKittens
♥ Smarterer *Review*Smarterer: We created Smarterer to provide people a simple, fun, and authentic way to show what they know. Smarterer is a platform designed to score individuals on any and every digital, social, and technical skill under the sun. Using crowdsourced test design and a scoring mechanism similar to the one developed to rank chess masters, in just 10 questions and 60 seconds we can give you a valid score.
Why Smarterer? People are rapidly accumulating a new set of digital and technical skills that make them valuable and effective in today's workforce, yet no one is measuring or validating these skills. As consumers we need an easy way to enhance our reputation collateral. As employers, we hire based on work history and personality metrics, but are missing the key criteria that prove people's ability to use the tools needed to be successful.
Crowdsourced Questions : The sum of all the brains at Smarterer can't hold a candle to the collective intelligence the crowd. Given the speed of change, we believe that a static test can't provide an accurate measure of your skill. We collect questions from our user community, which allows us to provide rapidly-evolving tests that get smarter every day. (Read More) .
♥ Smarterer *Review*You read that right, Smarterer. I didn't spell it wrong. That's the way it's spelled. Like you, reading this. I also scratched my noggin. See! I'm already feeling smarter(er), I used a word I never used before because of this website. Yes, website! I'm not one to blog/review a website. I'm more hands on when it comes to My reviews. But I couldn't help but to talk about This website alows you to take little fun quizes, about Facebook, Twitter, Photoshop, google search, BzzAgent, they allow you to make your own quizes, you can share your quizes with friends and family, and tons more! speaking of BzzAgent. BzzAgent is the one that introduced me to Smarterer. It was one of many campaigns that I have done with BzzAgent. BzzAgent is a amazing website where you test products for your opinions. Opinions you share on facebook, twitter, your blog, friends and family. I have tried tons of new products that I would have never tried before, and I have tried products that I use daily in my life that I still love and have the wonderful opportunity to share my opinions with everyone I know.
♥ Smarterer *Review*Smarterer, Is like a fun speed game for your mind, it gets your mind to thinking about stuff you already, and teaches you about the stuff you didn't. I have learned alot about the websites and computer programs that I use daily that I didn't know about, and refreshed my mind about stuff I already knew. You will love comming up with new quizes to share with the people you know, and have a fun little compatition trying to level up on the Smarterer badges on the website. Smarterer is always updating new quizes so you will never get bored. I love playing on Smarterer in my spare time, and when I'm bored. I love to read other's quizes that they post and see if I can answer them correct before the timmer runs out. The quizes, and possiblites are endless. As you can see there are a couple of MY personal badges that I have won from doing the quizes. It's fun to share these cute little badges, and to see what other people have won from doing them also.  The levels are - BEGINNER, FAMILIAR, PROFICIENT, EXPERT, and ends at MASTER. I skipped to Proficient, because I was so hooked on Smarterer, that I kept playing. Even tho I'm not EXPERT yet, I'm sure I will soon be there. Will you?
♥ Smarterer *Review*Here is a preview of the Featured quiz's and test's. You are able to select which quiz's you would love to test, view the Leaderboard's, and add your own questions to previous test's. Will you be next to top the Leaderboard?.. You can choose test by Category, Skill, or Interest. There are ton's to choose from, Which will you start out with?
♥ Smarterer *Review*Above is a example of how to Create a Test. Simple right?.. I had so much fun creating test's and sharing them with my friends and family. You choose what questions to ask. So it's more fun to see if you can stump everyone.

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