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Smart Kitchens: Connected Home Technology

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers
Smart Kitchens: Connected Home Technology

As technology continues to become an integral part of our society it's only befitting that it enters our homes, and more specifically the kitchen. Just about everyone could use a bit of assistance in the kitchen; whether it's helping with determining what you have in the fridge and what you need to buy at the grocery store or aiding in meal preparation and ensuring you get desirable results; and who would reject help with kitchen cleanup?

Smart Kitchens are next generation kitchens. They're the new solution to having a "helping hand" in the kitchen. These intuitive devices assist homeowners with daily tasks that help make life a little easier, or if nothing else more manageable.

How Do Smart Kitchens Work?

Smart appliances connect to WiFi and can be controlled through a smartphone, Alexa, or Google Assistant. Your smartphone permits you to make adjustments and changes from anywhere in your home, or afar.

Likewise, Alexa and Google Assistant allow you to get information or make changes to your appliances using voice commands. Perform tasks like starting the oven or dishwasher, or instantly get access to recipes and the ingredients you already have in your refrigerator. The Internet of things is changing the way we live.

Smart Kitchens: Connected Home Technology


Built-in cameras in the Samsung 36" Black Stainless Steel Four Door Refrigerator collect information regarding what's in your fridge so you can create shopping lists via voice command. Sync calendars, share photos and notes, stream music, and control other smart devices throughout your home.

Geneva connects with Amazon Alexa in the GE Profile French Door Refrigerator to perform tasks such as making coffee and restoring temperature after the door has been left open for an extended time.

Likewise, the LG Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator connects to WiFi for personalized troubleshooting and commands. The instaview window makes it easy to view contents inside without opening the door.

Brushed bronze handles on the GE Cafe refrigerator are truly a statement piece. Connect this fridge to your smartphone or intelligent assistant service to remotely monitor and control.

Smart Kitchens: Connected Home Technology

Samsung-RF28N9780SG | GE-PFE28PSKSS | LG-LMXC23796S | GE-Cafe-CYE22TP4MW2-B


Whether you prefer a smoothtop electric range or a gas range, both are equipped with technology that allows either to be in a smart kitchen. Both the GE-PHS930SLSS and Samsung-NE58K9560WS possess induction cooktops that only heat cookware placed atop. Additionally, remotely operate the oven and cooktop from your smartphone; turn it off and on, adjust temperature settings and more.

Convection cooking on both the Whirlpool and LG gas ranges ensures that your entrees and desserts are cooked to perfection. The gas sealed range from Whirlpool integrates with your Nest Learning thermostat for added convenience, while LG's LUTD4919SN offers exclusive innovative options via its SmartThinQ technology.

Smart Kitchens: Connected Home Technology

GE-PHS930SLSS | Whirlpool-WEG750H0HB | Samsung-NE58K9560WS | LG-LUTD4919SN

Wall Ovens

The Bosch 800 Series and Samsung 30" electric oven are both single wall ovens that allow you to connect to a smart device via WiFi and either an app or voice command. Check the temperature of your turkey or side dishes from your smartphone.

Whirlpool's Smart Electric Combination Wall Oven is easy to remotely use from your smartphone, even if you aren't the most tech savvy. Simply download the app and a guided tour will provide all the instructions you need to control your oven from your smart device, including voice commands.

If you're a baking enthusiast then perhaps a smart kitchen with a double wall oven would serve you well. This GE 27" double oven pairs with Alexa through Geneva to perform tasks such as preheat the oven, turn it off and on and make additional adjustments.

Smart Kitchens: Connected Home Technology

Bosch-HBL8461UC | Samsung-NV51K6650SS | Whirlpool-WOC54EC0HS | GE-PK7500SFSS


Track where your dishes are in the wash cycle and when its complete with these smart dishwashers. Each connects to WiFi and permits you to use a smartphone or smart device to monitor and control it. Plus, get troubleshooting instructions instantly via the appliance brand's app.

Not only are these dishwashers smart, but they also come loaded with tons of space and flexibility with storing dishware. Also, multiple wash cycles and advanced features to get you sparkling clean dishes. Choose from semi- and fully integrated dishwashers, as well as full console.

Smart Kitchens: Connected Home Technology

Bosch-SHEM78WH5N | LG-LDP6797ST | Whirlpool-WDTA75SAHN | GE-Monogram-ZDT975SSJSS

Smart kitchens will only become more popular with time, as new innovations are incorporated within the appliance industry. Consumers evolving desire to make housework easier and tasks controllable from a distance will drive them to find kitchen appliances that can produce these type of results.

Maybe you're not big on technology or uncertain of remote monitoring and controlling of household appliances. Perhaps investing in one smart device will give you a better perspective of the future of appliances and smart homes. On the other hand, you may be ready to delve head first and remodel your entire kitchen to operate via a smart device.

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