Smart Imaging for Your Office!

Posted on the 27 January 2012 by Jon Baucom @SidekickMag

Square footage in your office is always at a premium.  I’m always trying to fit more stuff (equipment) in a smaller space to do the best job for the patient.   I had been looking at Cone Beam CT for a few years because I just started doing implants and also so the benefit of the CBCT for endodontic, periodontics, oral diagnosis, sleep medicine, oral surgery, treatment planning, patient education, etc.

I had a 1200 square foot office and already had Digital Panoramic X-ray, but wanted to add CBCT.  Well, I found a machine that did both.  It is called the Scanora from Instrumentarium.  Just a year ago it was the only one that did both 2D panoramic and CBCT in one footprint.  Now I-CAT and Gendex have a similar offering.  Check it out.  CBCT is so precise.  It is like the 1-800 call before you dig technology.  You will know exactly where you are and where you’re going, like GPS for the dentist. No more sweating while you are building your experience in a particular new treatment modality that you might be adding.  I use to say to the patient that the tooth is probably cracked.  CBCT makes the word probably go away forever!

Take a look at it at the next tradeshow.  It will definitely not disappoint! Or ask your local Henry Schein technology specialist to take you by an office that is using it.

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