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Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link Up - February 2014

By Slowlivingessentials
Hello! Welcome back for the February installment of the Slow Living Monthly 9 link-up. As with previous months, I'm really looking forward to hopping over to your spaces to see what you've been up to and catch up on your news under these nine categories. 

New to this link up? Feel like joining in but not sure how? It's easy - just leave a link to your blog post at the bottom of this page anytime during the month of March, written using the nine categories as a guide and enjoy the sharing experience that follows, both with visiting other spaces and sharing your space here. For more detailed information on the nine categories and what they mean, please see this post. 

February 2014

February saw the return of routine in our days as school and study resumed. High risk bushfire weather, bizarre cold days and even a smell of Autumn on the last we are approaching my favorite season. Join me as I share my month of February..
In the kitchen there has been consistent action. February saw us enjoying homemade dukkah, which is fantastic to use as a crust on baked fish and chicken. Roast meats have hit the spot for low effort dinners and have been worthy of slicing the following day for lunchboxes and salads. I gave the life changing loaf of bread a go, but think I will cut back on the salt next time, otherwise it was really good! Smoothies for breakfast with my youngest have been a regular feature, and on the off days we are enjoying eggs of the scrambled variety. Salads have been going with just about everything as our rocket flourished and is slowly coming to the end of it's productivity. Tastes of summer I do love...

Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link Up - February 2014

The brussel sprout - friend or foe? 

Loads of ripe fruit has been frozen (and consumed just as quickly!) in smoothies. I had great plans of having a decent stockpile but it's just not happening as we are getting through it as fast as we can freeze it! I also cranked out my old slow cooker and got to making stock again, something I feel does great things for my body. Hubby also happened to get into some preparing this month with the reappearance of the homebrew equipment and four batches of assorted ales and ciders were brewed and bottled. Yum!

Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link Up - February 2014


I love it when homebrewing as we now have enough saved glass bottles to make batches and batches of beer without having to resort to buying any. We have been collecting them for sometime, whenever our family gets together or we find ourselves picnicking. On occasion we have even been known to smuggle the odd 'empty' under our jackets as we leave our local pub... completely thrilling, have you tried it? This is always in the name of a rare shaped bottle that we I absolutely must have!!
Feeling great with the addition of lemon verbena tea appearing in my cup regularly, I was really pleased when my friend reported back the health benefits of this refreshing drink: *relieving digestive tract spasms (colon), strengthening the nervous system as well as reducing fevers. 
Are things evvver going to ripen? Ahhh! Seriously, we have had progress with cukes and zukes, both supplying the initial offerings of the (imminent?) crop. Beans are coming along eveerrr sooo slooowly, as are pumpkins. And the corn? Well this is just in complete slow motion!! Thank goodness for rocket, lettuce, spring onions and the odd cherry tomato because otherwise I really would be feeling down. Bring on the summer harvest, I say!!
Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link Up - February 2014

Elsewhere, I have planted a bed of brassicas in the hopes of cooler season offerings - broccoli, kale, and cabbage - both white and purple. I can hardly wait! And we do have eggs. Regularly. Which is good, because we are going through them nearly as fast as the frozen fruit I talked about a moment ago!
Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link Up - February 2014

Minimal developments have taken place under this category this month. I will share a skirt that I've been meaning to photograph though, which I finished about a month ago. It was sewn from a vintage pattern picked up at my local goodwill shop yonks ago. I confess, it was the pocket that seduced me and it is still my favorite part of the skirt, even as it emerged from the pattern into a wearable garment. Imagine the fun a person could have with pockets like these..a whole wardrobe full of skirts with different patterned pockets..yes please! (It was also a little...short around the wrap, hence the extra panelling on the 'flappy wrap bit' Fear not thy legs, you are now covered modestly, even during a side breeze!).
Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link Up - February 2014

Trying to fit in a little leisure reading time in amongst study, I have been finding my nose in Brene Brown's 'Daring Greatly. Along with a couple of library borrowings of Sandor Katz and Michael Pollan. I am also currently absorbed in Nourishing Traditions which I'm probably the last person on the planet to read but am really enjoying it!
I loved reconnecting with my 'people' this month. Our Friday veggie group started back up again for another year of cake, coffee, chatter and gardening. And it was soo nice to head on back to spinning group this week with my wheel and bag of fiber. I always find out so much when I'm there, some of which has to do with fibery goodness, and some..well, not! But's it's always completely interesting and I would feel a little lost without it.
I enjoyed spending a day with a friend here at home when she brought her sewing machine around and we spent the day working on our latest projects. Her, a tunic top of the coolest patterning and me, a beachy breezy top to go over swimwear (I may have missed the last of the warm weather though..).
Our local sustainable living festival also took place which I enjoyed visiting as did our annual CFA flea market - THE community event of the year! It never disappoints! Truly.
Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link Up - February 2014

Ahh, February, month of the lovers. Hubby and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. Conveniently it fell on the weekend when The Boss was in town and we took time out to enjoy this spectacular show. I have to say, I was significantly moved! That guy Bruce can really grab a crowd's attention!! And the band? Completely amazing!!
Closer to home it was nice to enjoy moments when there weren't the threat of bushfires on our doorstep. Walking through beautiful, local bushland, swimming in the cool waters of our 'res' and taking time to reflect on where I am at and where I am headed. These were what stuck with me most this month.
Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link Up - February 2014

 So, do tell me, how was your month? 

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