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By Slowlivingessentials
Hello (?)
It's been a while..
It feels a little strange stepping into this space again, after such a long break.
Sometimes life throws you a curve ball of monumental proportions.
And then a global pandemic hits.
Questions arise as to what is truly important.
Community, connection, family, kindness, giving, helping, and so it continues.
There is much to say yet, I don't know where to start.
I have struggled with re-entering this space, as so much has changed.
However, some things remain constant, whilst other things emerge after dormancy.
Much of my physical space has changed, and the structure of everyday life. However, I am still the same person at the core. Although now a little more stronger, a little more capable, a little more wiser (and a little bit older!).
Some things went in to dormancy. Many of the crafts that kept me so busy during that chapter of my life were put on hold as the logistics of life required navigating (I'm being cryptic I know!).
It's funny how certain things emerge after a hibernation though. During this time when 'choice' has been removed, I have found myself returning to activities that brought me so much comfort in the past. Searching for the missing anchor that held me stable and connected when I was still learning so much about myself, life, and connection with others.
Connection is so important.
We need to cherish connection in whatever form it comes in.
I hope that you are well, and are finding comfort in family and wider connections, during this time of uncertainty.
Much love xo

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