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Slippers - Real Or Fairytale?

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Slippers - Real or Fairytale?
Not counting the mandatory footwear that I had to take into hospital then threw away afterwards, I can’t remember the last time I had a pair of slippers. I always wear sandals in the house and kick them off on the rare moments that I might be sitting down relaxing. When I think back to childhood, we always wore slippers indoors, except my mum, who had some very elegant mules that I longed to wear.
Nanna Hetty’s slippers fascinated me. Actually, it was probably her feet, bearing in mind I was only a little girl. There were lumps and bumps unlike anyone else and I used to get told that it was rude to keep looking. I don’t think it’s a punishment from staring, but I have inherited some of it. Not as bad, yet, but it is there. Arthritis, possibly, and certainly something osteo that runs in the family. My father had it as well. To help myself as much as possible I wear fairly sensible shoes.
I’ve never wanted Cinderella’s glass slippers. She had tiny, delicate feet, so that’s me out for starters. Also, I can’t cope with anyone actually touching my feet, regardless of how handsome the prince might be – ask my husband when he was tasked with removing a tick from my toe when we were in a very remote part of the Highlands a few years ago. He was brave, but not as brave as I had to be.
   It would be good to have some ruby slippers like Dorothy’s in the Wizard of Oz, aslong as nobody wanted to kill me for them. I don’t want to relive the story. I just want the magic slippers and modified so that with a click of my heels I could instruct them to take me anywhere. Imagine the traveling time it would save and the places to visit. I would have avoided feeling sea-sick recently, that’s for sure.
Whenever I stayed at Nanna Hetty’s, I followed her around all day. I watched the cooking, baking, cleaning and gardening. If I drove her mad, it never showed. She had lots of time for me and I adored her. She’s been mentioned before and previously featured in my poems. This is a new one.
  Slippers - Real or Fairytale?    Nanna Hetty’s Comfy Slippers.   Clouds of Pledge in the sitting-room, Patio swept with the outside broom, Tea-leaves saved to feed the roses. I picked daisies for indoor posies.   She lets me peep in Uncle’s room And lifts the blinds to ease the gloom. He’s married now and lives in Reading. He’s been there ever since the wedding.   Blankets cover his unused bed. On his wall, huge African head, Carved in wood, it fills me with fear. Something he brought from Nigeria.   A duster in her pinny pocket, Husband’s photo in her locket. Currant buns on a baking sheet, And comfy slippers on bunioned feet.   PMW 2018     Thanks for reading, Pam x    
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