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Sleepy Dog

By Sue15cat
Sleepy Dog   I came home from the shops the other day, and before I unlocked the door I spied Suky fast asleep on the rug in the conservatory (we use this door all the time rather than the front door).  She was well away.   I managed to go into the kitchen put down my other shopping bag and get the camera off the shelf near the Aga without her moving a muscle.  The gentle Puggy snores carried on, never missing a beat.   So I took the top picture.   Sleepy Dog   Then as I walked back towards the door a weary head popped up with eyes barely open and sniffed the air ....
Sleepy Dog   .... finally her eyes opened properly and she sleepily stared at me.   Well all I can say is .... it must have been a very good dream !!   Sue xx

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