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Pay It Forward, Change the World

Posted on the 11 February 2012 by Kpcreative @kpcreativeltd

Today’s the day I hope one of my readers is an altruistic millionaire — or that I have a lot of other regular, altruistic readers! Read on to find out why I’m asking for your help.

As a self-taught graphic and web designer, I’ve always had the motivation and drive to learn on my own — but I’ve always wondered what I missed out on by not attending design school. That’s why I want to attend the HOW Design Live Conference in June.

Those who have had the opportunity to attend the conference have called it one of the “most inspiring, rejuvenating and creativity-boosting experiences in graphic design. Many have called it life changing.” 

For freelancers, design work — and consequently, money — isn’t always reliable, so formal education like this can’t be a priority. But ever since I heard about this conference, I’ve wanted to attend. To learn. To discover. To grow. With your help, I can finally have the funds I need to take my creativity to the next level.

Feeling generous and want to help?

I’ll be forever grateful! Click here to make a donation. Who knows… This one little act could change the world. (Cheesy? Yes. Possible? Why not?)

As an added bonus, I’ll send you a coupon for your next design project. If you’re going to help me take my education to the next level, you ought to benefit from it, too, don’t you think?

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