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Skincare | The Body Shop - Shower Essentials

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
Skincare | The Body Shop - Shower EssentialsThe past few months I have fallen in love with more and more products from The Body Shop but more-so I have found myself using nothing but their products during and after shower time. So I thought today that I'd let you know which products I'm using and what scents I can't stop sniffing.

During my showers I have found myself reaching for their staple Shower Gels (£4), I'm currently using up the raspberry scent before I move onto this Satsuma one. They smell absolutely divine and create a great lather to wash with, I sometimes put a bit on a loofa for extra body exfoliation and it really helps to create some serious bubbles. They seem to last for ages, I'm sure I've used my raspberry scent every day for the last month and I'm only onto my last quarter! If I need some extra exfoliation I'll always turn to my mini Body Polish (£5) in my favorite scent, strawberry (hello, smells like Calpol!). Filled with little beads to buff away the dead skin, this assists in the dream to have the smoothest skin.

For after shower time, for the past couple of years I have always reached for a Body Butter (£13). I have literally had every single scent The Body Shop do in these as they never fail to get the job done. They are the creamiest butters to spread all over your body to achieve silky to touch skin. Not only that, but the scent lasts for hours and I'm constantly finding myself sniffing my arms because they smell that good. An alternative to the butters are the Body Sorbets* (£8), these are amazing if you put them in the fridge and use after a hot shower, the gel-like consistency melts into the skin a lot quicker than the Body Butters; Great for if you're on the go. They're non-sticky and smell just as strong as the Butters and leave the skin amazing to touch.

So The Body Shop, I am completely smitten with your stuff at the moment if you can't tell already. I'd love to know what your favorite shower products are and also what your favorite scent is from The Body Shop! Thanks for reading! 

Skincare | The Body Shop - Shower Essentials
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