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Skincare | The Body Shop: All Things Strawberry

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
Skincare | The Body Shop: All Things StrawberrySkincare | The Body Shop: All Things Strawberry
Skincare | The Body Shop: All Things Strawberry
When I go into The Body Shop, my nose immediately is drawn to their Strawberry scent. Oddly, it reminds me of Calpol, the medicine you take as a kid and it's sickly sweet scent makes me so nostalgic of pretending to be ill just so I could have some. Did anyone else do that? No? Just me? But please don't let that put you off however - it smells absolutely delicious, I promise!

My favorite product from The Body Shop has always been their Body Butters; They have an amazing smooth, buttery (shock!) texture and leave your skin feeling well moisturised and supple - not to mention they all smell incredible. I know Estée from Essie Button loves them too! For when you're showering, the Shower Gel gets you clean as a whistle and the smell seems to linger all day. If you're feeling fancy their Body Polish can be used to exfoliate away all your dead skin, the gel foams whilst having small beads to help buff away any dry patches. Having their Soap on the side of your sink can also leave your hands smelling amazing, it's only £2 too!

Overall I love this set, which you can buy altogether here (bath lily included) for only £17. You can also get them in a couple of other scents too, if strawberry isn't exactly your thing! I really love The Body Shop, they have a fantastic ethos and their prices are really good. Thumbs up from me. Thanks for reading! 

Skincare | The Body Shop: All Things Strawberry
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