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Skincare | Soap and Glory's Speed Plump Moisturiser

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
Soap and Glory Speed Plump MoisturiserSoap and Glory Speed Plump MoisturiserWhen I think of Soap and Glory, my mind gravitates towards The Righteous Butter and their Brow Archery, not their skincare. But after discovering this gem, I’m willing to look further…
When shopping for a moisturiser, this gal knows what she wants. Something that will boost hydration, assist in getting rid of any pesky dry patches and a product that makes my skin feel plump, healthy and smooth like a baby’s bum. I have always seemed to look at the big brands and often forget about those drugstore beauties, but in this case, I was on to a winner.
A combination of oxygenators, watermelon extract and raspberry stem cells, the make-up of the Soap and Glory Speed Plump Moisturiser (£13) already sounds like a fruitful dream. The product is potent, yet thin, allowing for really easy application and is much more like a thick liquid than a cream or a gel consistency. This makes it really simple to blend into the skin, so great if you are after a hasty application on a morning, which is exactly when I’ve been using it. With very teeny tiny shimmering particles (not glittery!), this product really gives you that youthful morning glow whilst plumping your skin for a healthier complexion. It makes the skin soft to the touch and ready for the day, whether a make-up free one or going out all day long, the product works brilliantly as a base before foundation. 
Well, S&G, you have me sold on this one! I will definitely be coming back to the brand for some skincare treats instead of just sticking to what I know, off to Boots I go! Let me know if you have tried any of Soap and Glory’s skincare, and if so, what would you recommend? Let me know! Thanks for reading beauts…
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