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Skincare | Four To Try #3

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
A blog post about skincare recommendations.A blog post about skincare recommendations.A blog post about skincare recommendations.A blog post about skincare recommendations.A blog post about skincare recommendations.A blog post about skincare recommendations.With the seasons beginning to change, our skin can react in different ways. I have been switching up my routine to suit the changes I have seen...
I have kind of got into a rut with my cleansers, there's nothing that has impressed me in quite some time now. But that could be down to the fact that I have to spend money on adult stuff now, like meals for 2 and towel racks (LIFE YO).
But something came into my life only two months ago that I didn't immediately love but had a slow burning desire to keep on using. Ya see. I usually take my makeup off with an oil as I find them easier to work with, I haven't found a gel that has done so just as well, until now.
The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£29.50) is a dream and I was a fool to have not picked it up sooner. It's an orange, thick gel consistency that melts into the skin easily. 
It removes makeup and dirt quickly and effectively but also deeply. It's not the type of cleanser that you use and still feel a little bit dirty (Anyone else think of Xtina in those leather chaps when they see that word?). 
It's also not the type of cleanser to dry your skin out. It keeps it nice and firm and restores lost radiance in the skin. It's basically great, like REALLY great.
After this, I've wanted to keep on the gentle side of skincare life so I've been opting for a gentle toner. The Roger & Gallet Beauty Vinegar (£10) has done the job quite swell. Although I love my exfoliating toners, my skin has been super sensitive as of recent.
Revamping the idea of 18th century 'beauty vinegars' made from flowers, fruits and spices, the brand have come up with their own offering. Their version brings both refreshing and purifying properties to the skin and contains 18 different plant essences to help smooth the skin by tightening up the pores and remove any dead cells for a more radiant complexion. 
God knows that I need my beauty sleep, especially now that the clocks decided to do that thing where they move about and shift my WHOLE LIFE outta motion. Anyone else?
Anyway, I've needed something to soothe and bring moisture to my skin overnight to keep me looking somewhat alive and I've been reaching for the Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream (£24). This pops a whole hoard of moisture into the skin whilst being fast absorbing and non-greasy.
It's a lot different to many other night creams that I have tried as although it's deeply hydrating and nourishing, it's extremely lightweight in comparison to the usual heavy alternatives. The combination of oils such as lavender, lemon and bergamot make it extremely calming and leave your face smelling wonderful. I'm diggin' it guys, I'm diggin' it.
Finally, is a little treat I have been allowing my skin to have when it's deserved it, or needed it, shall I say. The Omorovicza Oxygen Booster (£85) does exactly what it says in the tin, bottle, you know.
It is the perfect treatment for when your skin just needs a boost of life, as if it was taking a shot to get all pumped up for a night out. It's essentially oxygen molecules bundled into a little water-gel consistency for your skin, it's soothing, cooling and adds a total boost of the skin to smooth and re-firm. THIS. THIS is very good.
So there's a little round up of some skincare things that have stumbled into my life and stumble into my hands quite regularly. & I tell you what, my skin is looking mighty, mighty fine! 
What skincare treats have you been loving recently?
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Megan. xo
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