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Skincare | Formula 10.0.6 First Impressions

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
A blog post reviewing Formula 10.0.6 products.A blog post reviewing Formula 10.0.6 products.A blog post reviewing Formula 10.0.6 products.A blog post reviewing Formula 10.0.6 products.A blog post reviewing Formula 10.0.6 products.A blog post reviewing Formula 10.0.6 products.Formula 10.0.6 is the new skincare brand on the block. With a fresh look and colourful packaging, I decided to give a few bits a whirl.
Although this isn't a full blown review, I thought I'd give them a try and let you know of my first impressions. I don't like to fully recommend products unless I've tried them for a few months to see the difference they've had on my skin. 
Cos unless it's a miracle from the lord above, you ain't seeing a difference straight away gal.
I'm always super curious when a new brand pops out of the blue. What's it all about? Where did it come from? WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS HERE FACE CREAM?
Well, apparently Formula 10.0.6 has been around since 1933, so by now, you'd assume that they're experts, right?
With a heritage that goes way back to before the 50's, Formula 10.0.6 pride themselves on taking care of young, troublesome skin. Despite being 24 this year, my teen years are behind me but my skin is still young and troublesome.
Like chin, can u not?
Anyway, I opted to first use the So Totally Clean (£10), which was their first ever product and was sold to pharmacies. You can totally tell that it was as it smells fairly chemically (is that a word?).
It's a 2-in-1 deep pore cleanser and toner but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't put this anywhere near your eyeballs. I thought my peepers were going to vacate their sockets.
(NOTE TO SELF: Read the instructions on all products - don't assume)
It probably shouldn't be used as a makeup remover, but it does remove face makeup well and doesn't feel like it's stripping the skin despite the chemical smell. It also contains Salicylic Acid, which we all know is friggin awesome for blemish-prone skin.
Next up, I needed me some MASKIN'. So the Deep Down Detox (£10) was next on my hit list. It stung slightly upon application but that went away as quickly as it came.
This smells LEGIT amazing, like a fruity-toooty spa. It is a clay mask so it does set fairly quickly but not so stiff that you can't move yo face.
The orange hydrates the skin despite the drying of the mask and we all know that a bit o' Vitamin C brightens up the complexion like no other.
I like this. I'll be using this again gals.
Like I said, my skin is young and ever so troublesome so the Rescue Me (£10) blemish treatment has been constantly at my fingertips.
A clear gel that dries out the area to pull allllllllll of that shiz outta your face. I have seen quicker changes in spots from other products, but it does act overnight for sure.
Because of the drying it causes, be careful if you're prone to flaky skin. Get yo' moisturiser ready.
Speaking of moisturiser, to help combat those dry bits, I've been trying out the Night Perfector (£8.99).
Considering it's a night cream, it's ridiculously light and is worked into the skin with ease. The cranberry helps to reduce blemishes whilst the Aloe works to balance and rehydrate the skin.
It smells bloody lovely. I'm usually not a fan of licorice but the blackcurrant is stronger - thank goooooodness. Licorice is something I've definitely never been a fan of. Soz.
There's nothing really special about this as far as night creams go, it just hydrates really well.
So the hit from this little bunch of beauts is definitely the Deep Down Detox mask which I'm definitely gonna reach for on my little pamper nights. As for the others? Who knows. If I really like them, I'm sure you'll see them in a 'Skincare | Five Products To Try' post in the future!
Have you tried anything from Formula 10.0.6 yet?
Megan. xo*Some posts may contain PR/Gifted samples, please read my disclaimer here for further information*

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