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SJWs Push for Disney’s First Lesbian Couple After Seeing Trailer for Pixar’s “Finding Dory”

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Just who are these audiences pushing for this? The SJWs, who probably are being promoted on Twitter.

A lesbian couple in Finding Dory?

A lesbian couple in Finding Dory?

Via Daily Mail: The trailer for Pixar’s Finding Dory has been released to both fanfare and controversy after viewers pointed out the two-minute clip may feature a lesbian couple.

While some parents already declared they would be boycotting the follow-up to Finding Nemo after the latest trailer was released last week, others rejoiced and pledged their support for the film.

Audiences have been pushing the animation studio for greater LGBT representation, with recent campaigns on social media calling for Frozen’s Queen Elsa to be paired off with another woman in the upcoming sequel.

Finding Dory has already garnered considerable buzz for its June release after the latest trailer dropped last week, racking up more than four million views. At one point in the clip, Tank the octopus makes its way into a stroller, and two women turn around, shocked that the baby has suddenly transformed into an eight-legged sea creature.

One viewer suggested the women were a couple, and Twitter lit up with excitement over the possibility.

While subtly suggested gay characters have made an appearance in Pixar films like Frozen and Zootopia, viewers celebrated what could be the animation studio’s first-ever representation of lesbians.

Disney Pixar has not commented or confirmed the rumor, but fans were elated.

Twitter user @epicbookloover wrote: ‘Finding dory has a lesbian couple Pixar has gayness yes yes yes I am about to start crying so hard’

Others, like Twitter user @PerfectAlycia, poked holes in the rumor. She wrote: ‘Finding Dory may have a lesbian couple, or just two women standing next to each other idk-‘

Amidst the excitement were calls to boycott the film, but @_AllieNicole wrote: ‘pretty sure @DisneyPixar is gonna do just fine on @findingdory w/o the people promising to boycott it for minor characters, but you do you.’

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres

Others pointed out that no one was upset when Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most famous lesbians in Hollywood, reprised her role as the voice of Dory.

Mattie Stretton wrote: ‘People going mental over a supposed lesbian couple in the Finding Dory trailer but forgetting the voice of f***ing dory is the queen of lesbians.’

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) released an annual survey in April, assessing LGBT representation in film. Disney, along with Paramount, were named as two studios failing to feature a single gay or lesbian character in any of their films last year.

A social media campaign for the upcoming Frozen film has made a considerable impact, with Idina Menzel, the singer behind the film’s hit song Let It Go, chiming in to support those asking Pixar to ‘Give Elsa a Girlfriend’. ‘I think it’s great,’ the 44-year-old told ET, before adding, ‘Disney’s just gotta contend with that. I’ll let them figure that out.’

This comes at a time where audiences are clamoring for increased diversity in film and TV (according to whom, GLAAD?).


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