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Size Does Not Matter

By Shaguntomar @shagunt
Off lately I am kinda putt off by every woman who came my way. Nah! they did not really intend to put me off but the 'I hate my body' attitude gives me stress. Some of them who look perfect and fit also have issues with their bodies like 'Oh! my I so need to loose some inches' and 'No damn no sweets for me I so need to lose ya'. Honestly, I would have kinda appreciated their concern to achieve perfection but I get more turned off when these very women hog like piggies and drink like fishes when they can. Most of them smoke too like don't they know its harmful for not only their glossy hair and skin but entire body. Really, whom are we trying to fool. Please, don't get trapped into thinking that I am any perfect to preach over this. I am as skinny as some anorexic runway lass. But I love me and I appreciate me for I am comfortable with who I am. I am not skinny because I miss meals or throw up what I eat. I have always been that way. Thanks to my genes. But those cranky women and some men  don't like the comfort on my face too. They so want me to put on. They so want themselves to lose. They want their partners to be taller and leaner and some to be bulkier. Can't we all love ourselves and just try and maintain a basic healthy lifestyle  instead of acting yogis at one point and boosting toxins at the other. Skinny was in. Now its out. Flab is back or no its so fat. These fashion mantras will keep swaying forever. But don't you all feel its us pushing the trends. And the sexiest trend is to love and flaunt the original you. Have a look at the July issue of Vogue, Italy that I am completely in love with. Its all about plus size women and I seriously think they look beautiful and so sexy. Stay healthy and stay stylish! 
Size Does Not Matter

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