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Six Things to Think About With Event-Triggered Marketing

Posted on the 29 December 2011 by Tchu @UpStreamMPM

Marketers spend much of their time planning. To save you time, here are six quick tips to thinktriggered marketing about when planning your Event-Triggered Marketing campaigns. 

1 – Create Triggers that span the entire sales life cycle

For top of the funnel browsers, create triggers that educate them on your products. For bottom of the funnel browsers, close the deal and incent purchase with an exciting offer.

2 - Create Triggers that attract both new and repeat buyers

Help new buyers find the right products or entice their first purchase. Reward your loyal, long term customers.

3 – Be Helpful

Help users explore and find products, as well as promptly addressing deficiencies (out of stocks). Suggest complete the collection items or products that are similar to items they browsed but didn’t purchase.

4 – Automate

Develop rules that help automate repeating scenarios such as holidays or seasonal events. Other examples are abandoned cart, welcome, or back-in-stock emails.

5 – Personalize

Create messages relevant to the event. A/B test copy, creative, and rules for triggers.

6 – Measure

Monitor and evaluate the size of the audience in each event. Measure the effectiveness (click-through, response rate, opt-out) and modify or remove the triggers that don’t work.


Read more about Event-Triggered Marketing, or sign up for a free demo. 

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