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Posted on the 15 April 2016 by Jamesswezey
Working in the mental health field I've seen some pretty bad crap happen to kids and adults, but some of the hardest stuff I had to work with were clients that were sexually abused. One time I was very traumatized just hearing the recounting of what happen to a kid who was younger than 5, and was abused by his mother. I knew what the film Spotlight was about, but I didn't know the extent of it. I didn't really start paying attention to politics and news until 2009 when President Obama took office, ever since then I have done my best to know what was going on in the world around me, and everyone else needs to do the same thing, and get their news from a reputable source (this excludes: Facebook, CNN, CNBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS as they are oftentimes highly biased and filled with fluff to boost ratings). Pick up the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, New York Times, Washington Post, or Watch BBC News, PBS Newshour (can also catch the different segments of the newscast on Youtube), or Al Jazeera.
The film was very good, and very well done. It follows an investigative group of reporters who discover to what extent the Catholic Church leadership covered sexual abuse of children perpetrated by Catholic priests. Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schrieber, John Slattery, and Brian d'Arcy James all play the real people at the Boston Globe who investigated these horrific acts perpetrated by the Catholic priests. Stanley Tucci, Jamey Sheridan, and Billy Crudup provide excellent supporting roles. The cast was perfection, and that's all that needs being said, although I do have to say that Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo really shined. Everyone masterfully played their character, and I'm not certain to what extent it was factually representative of the real people, and what really happened, but even if it was just the spirit, I think that it was enough. Tom McCarthy wrote and directed the film along with Josh Singer, and all I can say yet again about the writing is perfection. It was some really, really good writing; compelling, emotionally deep, relevant, and thought provoking in the most numbing and astonishing way. Howard Shore did the music, but I barely noticed it, which I suppose sometimes is how you want it, but I can actually recall nothing musically from the entire film; Howard is one of those composers where it's either an amazing or bad score. Of course the film won Oscars for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, and Best Editing. It was a truly great film and every person in the whole world needs to see this film, and understand why investigative journalism is important and how it is a great check against abuses of power and wealth. I will definitely see this film again.
Now I'm going to move onto the soap box part of my blog writing. I don't know how much of you are familiar with the history of the Catholic Church, but I'm going to say that the Catholic Church is most likely the most corrupt organization that has endured for the past 1500 years ever, period. There are the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the manipulation of political affairs in Europe, warmongering in Italy and the surrounding regions, a disgusting double standard of it's clergy and leaders, and perhaps worst of all were the indulgences which is what pushed Martin Luther to separate from the church during a time when Protestantism was on the rise in Europe. Throughout the world and throughout history many have done terrible things in the name of religious beliefs and ideals, but I don't even think Hinduism and Islam in regards to terrible things done in the same of religion can compare to the Catholic Church. And I think I know what it is that drives these priests mad; sexual repression. An uncomfortable topic it may be, but I've seen what this can do to people while working in the mental health field, and it isn't pretty. I also grew up in a very hostile/strict, religious environment and some of the worst kids in the church were usually the pastor's as well as the church leaders or "sacred families" as we called them. I have an idea of what could be done to solve the problem of what's going on with the Catholic church, but it is quite radical; I will say that reform will never help rid the church of it's centuries of slime and filth, something far bigger needs to be done. In the meantime though, people need to continue to think for themselves, ask the hard and uncomfortable questions, and to never let someone use power to take away another's. I hate bullies and self-righteous, religious hypocrites; this describes the worst of humanity in my opinion. Read good news. Stay informed. Or else, over the next 100 years, the United States of America will lose many of the freedoms we enjoy now all because people would rather read about the Kardashians rather than why a local union is covering up money laundering, or how the Dallas City Council is abusing amortization laws so that they can make money my forcing out "undesirable" businesses to make room for more desirable businesses. Trump says he can make America great again. I disagree. Everyday Americans can make this great country even greater all by themselves; a politician is not required.
Spotlight final scene (watch for the words that come it is truly numbing).
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