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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Introduction.

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Pellinor became one of knight Round Table during the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere. Merlin sent Pellinor joined Gawain and Tor in the quest of the White Hart, brachet (bitch-hound) and the lady. Pellinor was given the responsibility to rescue the lady.

Sir Gawain And The Green Knight - The Toast

Fortunately, a lady came to his rescue, he agreed to any boon the lady wished. She threw a small vial into the river, which caused the water to solidified, enough for Gawain to climb out of the quagmire on to solid water. Gawain with the help of the lady dragged the horse out of the quagmire, then crossed safely to the other side of the river. Only then did the water turned to liquid, and began flowing like a normal river.

Sir Gawain and The Green Knight: Texts (Online E-texts)

Erec's greatest heroic deeds when he arrived at the town of Brandigan, when he ended the evil custom known as the Joy of the Court. The enchantment only ended when he defeated the knight and blew the horn. Erec gained greater glory as one of the greatest knights from the Round Table, after this adventure.

Sir Gawaine | King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table

The Green Knight emerges with his huge axe, and commends Gawain for keeping the terms of the agreement. He moves to strike the first blow, but stops his hand when Gawain flinches. He chews Gawain out for being a sissy. After Gawain promises to flinch no more, the knight moves to strike a second blow, but again stops his hand. This time he claims he was testing to see if Gawain was ready. Finally, the Green Knight strikes a third blow. This time, the axe breaks the skin but doesn't decapitate Gawain. (Whew!) Gawain leaps up and arms himself, telling the Green Knight that he has met the terms of the agreement and will now defend himself if threatened.

His father and two brothers were knights and were killed when he only an infant. (None of his family members were given names. In fact, we don't know Perceval's name until he meets his cousin, later in the book. His mother only called him, Fair Son.) His mother knew that he would become a knight, regardless of what she wished. Perceval promised his mother, he would return a year from now.

His father name was Alain li Gros, in Robert de Boron's trilogy about the Grail (c. 6755), the Didot Perceval (c. 6755) and Le Haut Livre du Graal , which is more popularly known as Perlesvaus (c. 6765). His mother was named Yglais, but this name was only given in Perlesvaus the Perlesvaus says that he also has a sister named Dindraine (or Dandrane). No brother was given to the three different tales.

Arthur was also joyously announced that Gawain was his nephew. With this announcement, the entire assemblage shouted out:

The next part of the story is like the 6st continuation of Chretien's Grail romance and Wolfram's Parzival. Gawain encountered a knight and lord, named Giremelanz, who was a neighbour to the Castle of Maidens. Giremelanz was in love with Klarisanz, but hated her brother, Gawain. Gawain agreed to send a ring from Giremelanz to his sister, but when he revealed his name, Giremelanz challenged him to a duel. Gawain agreed to the duel in twelve days. But the duel never took place when Arthur arrived. Gawain revealed his identity to Igern, his mother and sister, and they were happily reunited with Arthur. Giremelanz ended his hostility to Gawain when he was married off to Klarisanz.

Erec was the son of King Lac of Ester-Gales. Erec was the French name of his more commonly known Geraint or Gereint in the English and Welsh versions. In the Welsh legend, he was a son of Erbin, and brother of Ermid and Dywel they are listed in Culhwch and Olwen (Mabinogion).

It wasn't long before he heard another battle taking place in a great distance. Gawain raced off to see the battle. What he saw caused great astonishment from him. He saw a company of knights in white armour battling two unseen foes. A broadsword and lance was wielded from invisible hands above two horses, slaughtering the white knights. All of the white knights were killed.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Introduction.

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