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Single's Awareness Day Activities

By Travelersmind
It is that time of year again, when red, white and pink decorations blanket every store front; heart-shaped candies and cards are bought and sent by the cart load; and thousands of red roses are bundled in bouquets to be given to a loved one. It is also the time when people without a significant other can really celebrate their singledom. Because the beauty of being alone on this holiday is that you are not forced to acknowledge it--you can completely ignore it if you want to. We don't have to spend money on sappy gifts that convey our "love" for another person, because, let's face it, this is not a real holiday. As Dean Obeidallah said in his opinion piece on CNN, "What may have started out as a holiday intended to bring couples together has been transformed into a commercial spectacle peddled to us by florists, greeting card companies, jewelry stores and makers of stuffed animals." He goes on to say," My issue is not with being romantic or expressing your feelings to the person you love. My issue is being required to do so on February 14. This date has zero connection to us. Each year on February 14 we are in essence commanded to be 'romantic.'"
Single's Awareness Day Activities Source: via andi on Pinterest
Well, I could not agree more with Mr. Obeidallah, and since I am one of those lucky individuals who does not have to do anything on this day, I decided to look into other ways to celebrate.
Obviously, there are dozens of bars around Chicago that are throwing "Anti-Valentine's Day" parties and "Screw Cupid" shindigs, so those are always an option. But what about something a little more special, a little more upscale.
If I were back home in Denver, I would definitely check out the Girlfriends' Getaway Package at the Oxford Hotel in Lodo. It includes an overnight stay in a Parlour Suite, 24-hour town car service within a two-mile radius downtown, a choice of a 50-minute facial or swedish massage, and a signature martini from the Cruise Room. Personality Hotels in San Francisco is also offering an A Non V-Day Package at its Union Square, Kensington Park and Diva properties. Ladies get two bottles of OPI nail polish (paint it sexy), a bottle of wine, 30% off town car service, a box of chocolates and deluxe accommodations. The Night Hotel in New York City provides a Cupid-free package with 24-hour access to "adult entertainment" and dinner for one with a comped double shot. Guests can stay in a decked out room, complete with goth-themed bedding and decor, with bottomless ice cream and tequila.
If you want to do something completely opposite of romantic, why not try a tour of a sewage treatment plant or a penitentiary. The Wastewater treatment facility in Brooklyn offers visitors a special glimpse at how "digesters" break down waste into sludge and gas. Bonus! One Valentine's Day, you get a Hershey's kiss! At the Philadelphia Eastern State Penitentiary, one of the world's most famous prisons, offers two-for-one admission on Valentine's Day, plus a special themed tour. So grab a friend and head over to check out this slightly creepy old prison where thousands of people lived for almost 150 years. These were just some weird ideas from USAToday, but I'm sure if you look into it further, you could find some other off-the-beaten-path activities.
Single's Awareness Day Activities Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest
One part of Valentine's Day that I definitely appreciate is the treats--chocolates, cookies, cakes, the list goes on and on. But since I don't like all the heart-shaped, bright-colored foods, I like the idea of Anti-Valentine's Day foods. The Shoppe A Bakery in Denver has a special cupcake for those who don't like this holiday. It is a chocolate or vanilla cupcake with black frosting (so black it will stain your teeth), and buried within is a Things That Hurt zipper pull--who knows what you will bite into. The Cupcake Bar in Austin, Texas, is hosting a special cupcake and wine pairing to celebrate. Some of the cupcakes featured are: "All the Single Ladies" Cupcake, a strawberry cupcake topped with strawberry buttercream, topped with "Ring Pop;" "I'm too Sexy for This...." Cupcake, a dark chocolate cupcake filled with whipped cream, and topped with dark chocolate icing and a cherry; "Pour Some Sugar on Me" Cupcake, a vanilla cupcake with a raspberry filling, topped with vanilla buttercream icing and copious amounts of sugar crystals.
If you have the funds and the free time, why not book a solo trip somewhere? Even if it's just a quick weekend trip somewhere nearby to a spa or an exciting hiking trip in the mountains. I realize that most people don't like to travel alone, but it is definitely a liberating experience, and quite a different way to embrace singledom.

Single's Awareness Day Activities

Cupcake Project

Obviously, there are a lot of ways for single people to have a good time on this "holiday." These are just some ideas, but there are many more options out there to discover. So if you don't want to sit in on your couch watching sappy movies and downing ice cream by the pint, check out some local happenings around your city and go spend sometime with some other singles. After all, 43.6% of Americans over the age of 18 are single (according to the U.S. Census Bureau). So you're bound to meet someone, right?

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