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Single Parenting is Not for the Weak

By Hollyshaun0528 @TwinglesMom42
Ok, I've long felt that single parents deserve an extra day after Mother's/Father's Day, but never have I felt this more so than tonight.
Tonight I ate something that disagreed with me. Ok, more like something that decided to sucker punch me in the gut repeatedly for 2 hours.
During the precise 2 hours that I was home alone with the kids and needing to get them bathed and put to bed.
It was nearly impossible due to the pain.
I was barely able to struggle through getting them dressed after their bath. I had to take frequent breaks just to breathe through the discomfort.
Then I had to rush them all to bed without singing songs like we normally do.
I felt SOOO bad. Not just physically. I felt terrible that my babies didn't get to have me really there for their typical bedtime routine when no one else was there to do it in my place.
Now this is a rare occasion for me because Shaun only works two nights a week at present. Otherwise, he works regular day hours.
Single parents are left in the kind of position I was in tonight every time they get sick. And they have the job of two parents at all times.
Screw the Olympics. Give those medals to all the single parents out there.
Single Parenting is Not for the Weak
Single Parenting is Not for the Weak

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