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Single Mums Confession: Tanya In The Spotlight

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
Single Mums Confession: Tanya In The Spotlight



How old was your child when you became a single mum? 8 weeks old

Did you ever imagine that you would become a single mum, what were your plans for your child? To be in a stable 2 parent relationship, nearer to the time everything happened I did see it becoming more likely and obviously it did

Do you ever feel guilty that your child will not grow up with both parents? NO, as she is better without her abusive father (and I was brought up by my dad so you can’t say I’m bias about it)

How did you become a single mum? Was it your choice? Not really, after so long the arguing and tormenting and physical violence became so much and it was best for both of us to leave, 2 days later he had a new gf anyway after a 18month relationship and having a baby

What is the best thing about being a single mum? I get to see every first and be there for every smile and tear

What is the worst thing about being a single mum? Sometimes not having time for yourself like to have a nice long relaxing bath instead of a quick dip

How do you think single mums are stereotyped? failures, slags, sluts, sleeping around, not knowing who the father is

Does your child’s father still have an input in your child’s life? Nope, not seen her since 8th Oct and its her 1st birthday 2moro and he didn’t get her anything for Xmas, not even a text to say happy Xmas
Do you think there is enough support for single mums? I don’t feel like I need support, but the playgroup near me is great at supporting all

What do you miss most about being single? Nothing, I love my lg with all my heart and couldn’t imagine life without her
Will you ever trust enough to allow a new person into your child’s life? It would take a lot, because its not just into my daughters life but whether I trust them to be in my life as well

If you could go back in time what would you change about the relationship with your child’s father? Leaving sooner before the violence got as bad as it did

What will you tell your child happened when the time comes that they ask why you and their father are not together? The Truth


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