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Single Mums Confess All: Emily In The Spotlight

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

How old were you when you became a single mum?
I was 20

Did you ever imagine that you would become a single mum?
No I have always had high expectations of what I wanted on my life etc getting married..

What where your plans for your child ?
Since I had my children I have always wanted them to have a perfect family with a mum and dad at there side to help them with what ever they wanted or needed 

Do you ever feel guilty that your child will never grow up with both parents?
Of course I do but at the same time I know my choice was the best for mine and both my children’s safety 

How did you become a single mum?
Well after two years of abuse the finally straw was when there dad suffocated me to the point I was going to pass out 

Was it your choice to become a single mum?

How did you become a single mum?
I suffered domestic violence for quiet a long time and in the end it got that bad I thought and still to this day think my ex tried to kill me so I told him to go

What is the best thing about being a single mum?
I don’t have to walk on egg shells I can do what I want when I want 

What’s the worse thing about being a single mum?
Never having a break

How do you think single mums are stereotyped?
I think a lot of single mums get judge a lot as most people think single mums are slags not all but I do think that’s what some people think and also many people think single mums can’t cope when we can

Does your child’s father have an input in your child’s life?
No not at the moment 

What do you miss about being a single mum?
Hate that I’m on my own all the time and don’t have many adult conversations anymore

Will you ever trust enough to allow a new person into your child’s life?
At this moment in time no, I don’t trust anyone and think it will be a very long time before I do

If you could go back in time what would you change in the relationship with the child’s father?
I would make him get his anger sorted out or leave him before the domestic violence started

What will you tell your child happened when the time comes that they ask why you and there dad are not together ?
When that time comes they will be told the truth


Can you relate to single mum Emily? 

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