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Single Gal Chronicles: Ready to Date?

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_

Single Gal Chronicles:  Ready to Date?

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Hey there!   I'm ready to end my dating hiatus.  I'd like to go on a date and have fun.  No drama.  No games.  And I want to keep things "real".  Just real.  Plain and simple.
I say real because I do not want to play games anymore.  Period.  None.  Nada.  I'm over the games.  Seriously, I'm over it!  Yep.  Ha.  I'm laughing as I type this because I say I'm over them but, ladies, we all know that there just beginning.  Right?  I'm still laughing.  Am I?  Simply stated.  Unfortunately, games are played whether we like them or not.  I think "now" it's a matter of how I deal with them, right?  Right.
It's been rather interesting the past few months being back in the dating world after a 7 plus years hiatus.  Yes, you read that correctly.  What I've been encountering over the last few months is like WOW, WOW, and WOW some more!  I'm over "some" of the shock value I've already encountered  and how do I say... a "normal" person.  No drama please.  No games please.  Just good times.  And a few more things if you will...
A few requirements...  No eye rolling please, we all have "requirements".  ...drum roll please...  The requirements are:  chemistry, honesty, great smile, ability to make me laugh, and no game playing.  That's a pretty short and sweet least don't you think?  Oh, and the guy has to be able to compromise.  Let's just say a watching a girlie movie from time to time would be great!
I completely imagine there being a lot of laughter while reading this post!  If you are shaking your head "yes" then mission accomplished!  Please do tell if you think I'm asking for too much?!
Single Gal Chronicles:  Ready to Date?

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