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Since the Last Pirates Winning Season...

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
1. The Steelers have been to 4 Super Bowls, winning 2 of them.
2. The Pens have been to 2 Stanley Cup Finals, winning 1 Title.
3. NkySteeler banned 10,000 people
4. Bdeff has hiked 50,000 miles through the WV mountains, made 19,000 jars of Jam and got stung by 1,000 Yellow Jackets....going off on any rants in the near future? Or are the Pirates gonna hit .500 first?
5. Fezziwig has restored every vintage car known to man
6. Les got 3,000 "hits" before his "homerun" congrats on your pending marriage:D :thumbsup:
7. Brett Favre's Career has come and gone
8. Geo has gone from lurking outside bedroom windows of female classmates to PSF Lurker.
9. There are 152, 383 less bottles of Rumpleminz in existence.
10. Kipper went from creating mass chaos in his local community to creating the modern Blog/Message Board....hey, who put the Pepsi machine in my yard?

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