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Simple Ways to Lose Pregnancy Weight

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
This one is for all the new moms out there! I know how delighted you are at the arrival of the new baby. But now you have plenty of things on hand; feed the baby, clean the baby and lose some pregnancy weight. It’s obvious for many of you to be tired of listening to how quickly celeb moms slim down after having a baby, as if it was a piece of cake for them.But the truth is that these celebs are backed up with specialized services or doctors, private trainers, nutritionists as well as personal chefs. And if it still doesn’t work out, there are Photoshop specialists who make them appear at their best post-pregnancy. But what should an ordinary mom do?A woman has numerous ways to lose pregnancy weight in a viable manner. Following are important suggestions that will prove to be useful.
Simple ways to lose pregnancy weight
Have a support system in place
‘Me time’ is a rare thing to get for new moms. You have to take some time out of your hectic agenda in order to work on yourself. And here your family members and friends can come to your rescue.You won’t be able to perform all the tasks by yourself, so don’t try doing so. Put your husband on grocery duty and request grandma to babysit the baby. Some health centers and gymnasiums provide babysitting facility, while you work your way to slim down and get fit. Utilize the resources on hand in the best possible manner.
Taking care of your bodyYour taste-buds may get attract towards junk food, but this isn’t the right time to give up on your temptations. Pregnancy gives a hard time to your body. However it’s in your hands that you can accelerate the recovery process. You can have several smaller and wholesome meals throughout the day. Green vegetables, dairy products, whole grains, lean proteins, and fruits that are rich in fiber should form major components of your diet.It is a natural thing that if you’re breastfeeding the baby, you may need to consume more calories than the usual, so that you and your baby stay fit. Drink lots of water. Nursing moms need to consume more water, at least 64-128 ounces every day.
Move your body
On some days you may not feel like getting out of bed. But its time you get moving. Cardio exercise makes you strong and helps lose weight in lesser time. You don’t necessarily need to join a gyn. You can exercise in your garden as the baby rests in a cool and shady place. You can also take long walk with your baby as he rests in a pram.It is advisable that you do cardio for at least half an hour and 5 days in a week. You will notice a boost in your energy levels, as your weight goes down. Yoga is beneficial for releasing all the stress and making your mind calm, as well as losing weight. Do the stretches and aasanas (poses) early in the morning to have a rejuvenating experience. Before going to sleep, do the breathing exercises. Also meditate for a while, to get a sound sleep.
Stay invigorated
It is definitely not easy with a baby for you to get ample quality sleep every night. But sleep is important for your body and mind. The best way to get adequate rest is to sleep when the baby also goes to sleep. This way you won’t be disturbed.Sleep deprivation can weaken the immune system. A person is unable to stay focused. Also the natural healing process of the body becomes sluggish. Sadly there are many people who don’t get enough sleep- new moms being one of them!
You can take care of your dear ones only when you’re fit. With appropriate nutrition, work out and adequate sleep you will be slim and slender again in no time!

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