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Simple Ways to Brighten a Hectic Work Week

Posted on the 30 April 2015 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
Simple Ways to Brighten a Hectic Work Week

We all have those weeks that we dread. When it seems like every possible project, meeting, and deadline just happens to fall during the same five-day work period and our schedules are filled with barely any free time to spare. So what are some ways to keep yourself energized and thinking positive during this stressful time? I wanted to focus this post on some fun, simple and easy ways to keep you from falling into a slump when you find yourself caught up in a hectic week at work.


  1. Plan your outfits in advance

On the Sunday before you start the week, decide and put together your outfits for the next five days. This will benefit you both mentally and emotionally throughout the week. Besides being one less thing you will need to worry about each day, it will also help keep any last minute stressors from occurring. Imagine the panic of discovering late one night that the suit you need in the morning for a presentation has a stain on it that you forgot to get dry-cleaned. It will also help you to avoid falling into the slump of just throwing on whatever is the first thing you grab out of your closet in the morning. Clothes definitely have a power over our mood, and simply wearing a put together outfit while emotionally dealing with stress overload, can help provide a necessary boost of professional confidence and motivation.

  1. Create a playlist for the week



It’s so interesting how simply listening to music can change our mood. Before the week starts, create a playlist for the week. Compile a mix of the songs that will energize and motivate you in the morning and throughout the day. While we all have our favorite songs, we know the ones that instantly change our mood from wallowing in our stress to suddenly we’re ready to take on the world. Make sure your playlist is full of those songs!

  1. Figure out a stress relief plan

Know what are the best ways you handle stress and what you need in order to keep yourself sane during the week. It’s especially important during a busy and hectic week that you look over your schedule and plan ahead your stress relief tactics. Is it a trip to the gym, a few hours of TV, or a dinner with friends. Know ahead of time what you need to help keep you mentally sane throughout the week and plan in advance to make sure those activities are incorporated into your daily schedule.

  1. Incorporate a bold color into each day


One of my personal favorites, bold colors! Whenever I’m feeling stressed or know I’ve got a busy week ahead I love to get a manicure in the brightest, boldest color available! Colors are known for having an effect on our mood. Whether you choose to incorporate it through nail polish, lip color, shoes or an accessory, don’t disregard the mental boost of positivity and happiness you get from viewing that fun bright color.

  1. Decide on your daily sparks of inspiration


Everyone has her own preference for a mental boost in the morning. For some it might be indulging in Starbucks, while others it might be a motivational quote taped to your mirror or computer each morning. Decide what simple act will help you start off your morning bright and positive and allow yourself to indulge in it each morning this week. So whether you need to search Pinterest for inspiring quotes or plan to treat yourself to Starbucks each morning, plan accordingly!

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