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Simple DIY: Make Atmosphere With Your Own Aromatic Candles!

By Albert Wagner @albertwagner4

Is it time for romance? Lift up your sleeves and get ready to create your own fragrant candles!

Who does not worship the candles? Besides their wonderful light, they create a completely relaxing, elegant and often romantic atmosphere in our space. Aromatic candles, with their unique aroma, can easily make our mood! Do not spend hours looking for the (perfect) scent that will relax or lift your mood or even make your libido strike red – and yet: the right perfumes do all that and more! See here how they do it – below we present the recipe to make your own fragrant candles.

Aromatic candles with crayons

Vegetable fat
Colored crayons
Aromatic essential oils
Cotton cord
Pair of scissors
Stiletto stiletto
Storage bottle
How do you make it

1. Clean the jar well and allow it to dry thoroughly. Once dry, take the vegetable fat and fill with this jar leaving 2-3 cm free of the lip.

2. Melt the vegetable fat by placing the jar in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Once it gets wet, pull it off. Does the oven want cleaning? Here’s how you shine!

3. Take the candlesticks, put them in a refractory utensil and put them in the microwave until they melt, about 4-5 minutes.

4. Pour the crayons into the jar and mix well so that their color goes everywhere. Add 1 cl. aromatic essential oils and stir.

Your favorite essential oils will give their smell to your homemade fragrant candles.
Essential oils will give their smell to your homemade fragrant candles.

5. Cut a large piece of string (larger than the height of the jar) and tie the nut (to drop it on the wax and fix the wick in place). Finally, wrap the wick in the bobbin, so that it does not fall into the candle and stay firm in the center, and place it over the jar.

6. Place the jar in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes until the candle coals. Finally, cut the wick to protrude some of the candle and you are ready!

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