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Simple Courtyard Makeover Makes It Look Like New

By Lauramartindale @LauraMartindale

I was confronted with a small 12′ x 12′ courtyard for a guest cottage that had a lot of issues — not the least of which was extensive dryrot and various paint colors in the wood fencing that surrounded it. The purpose was not home staging for resale, but rather to simply make it more aethetically pleasing. The courtyard was not inviting and so it was never used. It was full of debris and pine needles from the surrounding trees, lots of assorted potted plants in various stages of neglect and decay, spider webs, etc.

Nevertheless, the cottage and courtyard really have a lot going for it. It’s part of a historic Spanish-style home. The cottage itself is quite cute, and the floor of the courtyard is of a lovely old brick. Very desirable in many ways, but the privacy/containment fence around it stuck out like a sore thumb. something had to be done, but without spending much money. A big home remodeling project was not an option at this time.

So, besides cleaning it up, uncluttering it, and adding a used iron patio set (with a fresh coat of black spray paint) and a matching bench, I really needed to do something about the mish-mash wood fence.

Simple courtyard makeover makes it look like new

Well, I love the pre-made bamboo fencing that is readily found at home improvement stores like The Home Depot. It comes rolled up in different heights and lengths, and with various diameters of the bamboo shoots. I have found a wide variety of uses for it, including a makeshift floor over dirt or to provide a decorative pet barrier or containment fence.

For the purpose at hand, I used some 6′ height rolls in 8′ lengths, and wired them against the existing fence. As you can see in the photo, it worked really well for this application — as a temporary aesthetic facade over a mish-mash courtyard fence.

Longer term, the existing fence really needs to be torn down, fumigated, and rebuilt … but not today.

Seek simplicity, comfort, and value!

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