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Renew Bedroom Furniture with Paint and Seashells

By Lauramartindale @LauraMartindale

If you feel bored with dreary bedroom furniture, here’s something to consider doing to spruce it up. Whether for home staging or interior decorating for personal enjoyment, I like to use paint and seashells to renew and enliven existing furniture rather than buy replacements.

Renew bedroom furniture with paint and seashells
The picture shows what was previously a light pine wood dresser and matching mirror. Just plain vanilla stuff. Rather than replace the set, I chose to paint the dresser (as well as the matching side tables) a rich espresso brown color and replace the knobs. Then, instead of painting the frame of the mirror to match, I encrusted it with seashells, which serves to enliven the wall and in fact the entire bedroom.

Seashell mirrors and other home decor can bring the serene ambiance of the ocean and shoreline to any home or business — not just beach homes. This is a great example.

Seek simplicity, comfort, and value!

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