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By Angel Russell @sergeantsparrow
Sima Sima Sima Sima

Sima is an up and coming superstar that has performed and been passionate about music since a young age. She produces and writes all of her music. Some of her biggest influences include Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, and The Cure. There is a bit of her influences present in her music but it also has a unique flair all its own. In the track “Beautiful Liar” there is a clear 80’s pop rock edge throughout but has a new perspective to the genres. Her voice has an original take on many female pop greats including Madonna, and has no trouble standing on her own when compared to such talent. Distorted guitars, synths, and perfectly placed breakdowns all lift up Sima’s solid vocals and harmonies. It is clear she is not only a performer but has much talent when it comes to production, arranging, and the like. Her music evolves not only through a series of songs but in just one single track. “Beautiful liar” has an evolution that picks up, drops off, builds, plummets, and then crescendos into a distorted whisper. It’s not just your basic, verse chorus, bridge, it has a story through song that begs you to listen to the end. You can listen and find her on all the links below.

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