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Silver Swans

Posted on the 14 March 2011 by Pelski
Silver Swans
Those of you who have just returned from Bloc Weekender have probably had a rather good time, actually it's probably assured that you had a most excellent time. Not going, as I did, has left me with rather little to say about the matter, however I will at least lay an envious nod of approval at the feet of those who did go. So why ponder this all time major miss out session? Well if it hadn't been for a specific someone sending me real time SMS updates and overly precise live feed coverage of the Weekender, I would probably not have had these strange nightmares involving contorted visions of Aphex Twin dropping sweet off key post acid electronica all over my cranium. You may have been up all night, but I was up all night for all the wrong reasons.
Anyway, those of you have returned from your comfy palatial quarters in the situ of Butlins Holiday Resort, are most likely to be feeling slightly bedraggled and sensitive in the ear drum department. Bearing this in mind, here is a downtempo electro project called Silver Swans, which will hopefully ease the inner raver into submission, and reduce your altitude level to a safer ground zero. These Silver Swans could have been dipped and shaken off in the Fever Ray reservoir, with a placid and calm sound that leaves traces of radio pop ripples in their jet stream. 'Secrets' is probably the highlight of their recent e.p, alongside the equally enchanting 'Meet Me Somewhere Nice'. Be sure to check out the string of accompanying remixes scattered across the sphere by the likes of The National. These are promotional links ahead of their e.p which is soon to be in ear-sight.
Silver Swans - Secrets
The Bachelors Of Science have accompanied their remix of Silver Swans with an experimental Japanese film. Running us along a stripped back line that sets the course for their dead weight less tempo drum and bass.


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