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Sigur Rós Brought Cinematic Beauty to Kings Theater [Photos]

Posted on the 07 October 2016 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Sigur Rós Brought Cinematic Beauty to Kings Theater [Photos]

“A Night With Sigur Rós” came to life as a production of cinematic proportions in Brooklyn this week. Stripping down to the basics, Jón Birgisson, Georg Hólm, and Orra Páli Dýrasyni took the stage before artistic projections that reflected onto the screens behind them and the ornate walls of Kings Theatre. There truly could not have been a more perfect setting for the operatic show. The visuals showed variance in movement, color and subject matter. At one point, white birds took off like paper airplanes through contemplative tunes. Strobe lights flashed with every thunderous bang of Dýrasyni’s drums that demand your attention.

Ethereal, surreal, and full of dimension, the production is a living, breathing thing. It isn’t necessary to comprehend Jónsi’s “Hopelandic” in order to know the emotional essence of the performance. From the first burst of Birgisson’s haunting falsetto to the fading reverberation of Hólm’s bass, Sigur Rós not only commands a room, but inhabits concertgoers from the inside out.


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