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Signs of the Times

By Seabee
Here's some signage I stumbled across in the UK which caught my attention.
The first isn't unique to the UK of course, the stupidity is world-wide.
A packet of peanuts...with an allergy warning to buyers that it contains nuts and may contain traces of nuts.
Signs of the times
You'd hope a packet of peanuts would have at least traces of nuts, wouldn't you.
Then a couple of local signs.
An obviously dissastisfied customer of the fencing solutions operative wanted the passing world to know of his frustration.
A reply was added by said fencing operative:
Signs of the times
And another, this one a classic of the way the bureaucratic mind thinks so differently from the rest of us.
From their parallel world you get this:
Signs of the times
A bureaucrat sees the overgrown shrub, goes back to the office, writes a notice, gets it printed and laminated, goes back to the site and pins the notice in place. Then presumably puts in a requisition to the environmental solutions department to carry out the necessary landscaping.
A non- bureaucrat would simply have gone back with a pair of shears and trimmed the offending leaves.

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