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Signed and Numbered

By Maggiemcneill @Maggie_McNeill

Signed and NumberedAs I explained on Tuesday,Signed and Numbered Chester Brown and I spent a lot of time together on Sunday, and much of it was used in signing books.  The reason this took so long is that Chester did a Signed and Numberedunique custom sketch in each one, taking about half an hour each!Signed and Numbered  I then left some space for a custom inscription, signed my name, and he signed, dated and numbered each one below that.Signed and Numbered  There are only ten of these altogether, and each one is different.  So I’m going to ask $50 for each one, plus a shipping &Signed and Numbered handling fee of $20, for a total of $70.  If you’d like to buy one, please email me telling me which of the Signed and Numberedpictures you want and how you want the book inscribed; you can then PayPal me the cost and I’llSigned and Numbered get it off to you right away!  One of these is already spoken for, but the recipient isn’t picky about which one, so as of Signed and Numberedthis morning all 10 are available (though obviously that will change as people buy them).Signed and Numbered  If you’d like to see any sketch in more detail, just click on it.  Thank y’all so much for your loyalty and support; if this goes well, we’ll do a signed and numbered edition of The Forms of Things Unknown as well.  And naturally, it would also inspire me to get the book out all that much faster!

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