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Sigai, A Message Worth Spreading – Movie Review

By Prakash Parasuraman @aniseprakash

Sigai movie review: " avargal paalai avargal sollatum... Naam sarkarai mattum kalappom"

Plot summary: Prasad a pimp starts his day (Night) as usual. He recieves a call from a new customer requesting a girl for the night. As Prasad is out of girls to provide the required service, he contacts Cheta for a girl. Cheta links Prasad with Nirmala (Nimmi), an in demand girl. Nirmala takes Prasad's call and attends the customer, but what happens next is a mystery. Sigai is a one and a half hours of message mystery.

Sigai, A message worth spreading – Movie review

Directed by: Jagadeesan Subu

Starring: Kathir, Meera Nair, Raj Bharath, Rithvika, Mayilsamy

Goosebumps review: Apart from few hic-cups Sigai is a worthy watch for its message and performance by the actors. The director succeeds in making us feel for the sex-workers and the transgender.


Sigai, A message worth spreading – Movie review
(3 / 5)

Kollywood has turned its attention towards social issues in the recent times. Starting from farmers' issue to medical scams, to child labour to present day politics the radar has widened. Sigai has followed the line and tries to convince the people against the harms caused against transgender.

It's been two years since Sigai has been premiered in the All Lights India International Film Festival in Hyderabad. The movie has made a positive impact during the premiering. After the success the movie has released in Zee5, the second main stream movie to be released in a streaming service.

The movie has two different messages to convey. One is about the life and pain of the sex workers and the other is about the inequality faced by the transgender. The portrayal of both is near to perfection.

Sigai, A message worth spreading – Movie review

The plot is simple and follows a crisp narration till the end of the first half. The night life of Chennai has been pictured to perfection, each frame has its own story to speak. Once the initial set up sets in the core story unfolds. The thrill element in the first half gives a perfect blend till the interval.

The second half is completely different from the first, as it takes us into the world of Mathi Azhagan, a transgender. It shows us the problems faced by the transgender which makes us feel for them. The movie ends with a message and the song on Transgender.


Kathir as Mathi Azhagan is fresh from the success of Pariyerum Perumal and Vikram Vedha. He should get special applause for accepting the role. It is a bold step in his career. He has done justification to the role in every frame. His posture, mannerism and dialogue delivery portrays his talent as an actor.

Meera Nair as Nirmala played her role with ease. Though she has little screen space, she has utilised it well. Raj Barath as Prasath has given a shuttle performance. The movie has a bunch of stars like Rithvika, Mayilsamy and others. Everyone has justified their roles.

Jagadeesan Subu has done a fair job as the debut director. His intention is clear from frame one. He has done a lot of hard work in detailing the characters even in the short span of 95 minutes. Cheta using a diary to record phone numbers though he has a mobile phone, Prasath's care for Bhuvana are few examples of it. Navin Kumar's cinematography and Ron Ethan Yohana's music are fair choices. They have done a satisfactory job.

The problem with Sigai is its two different plots. Till the interval the story is crisp and engaging, but once Mathi Azhagan's character is revealed the story dilutes. Though the intended message is clear the portrayal is not so convincing. If a little detailing about Mathi Azhagan's childhood been added the story would have been different.

Apart from few hic-cups Sigai is a worthy watch for its message and performance by the actors. The director succeeds in making us feel for the sex-workers and the transgender.


Worked well:
  • Message
  • Lead characters performance
  • First half
  • Two different plots
  • Unconvincing revelations

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