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Siblings of Jesus

Posted on the 20 July 2014 by Savio Menezes


Roman Catholic Church teaches that Jesus was only son of Jesus and Mary. Mary was virgin till she was taken up to Heaven. During Christmas time feast of Holy Family is celebrated in Roman Catholic Churches. This family consists of Jesus, Mary and only Joseph. Is this the true teaching or is it a lie? Let us investigate.

Bible verses that show that Jesus had siblings

Many a times in a Bible there is a mention of brothers of Jesus. In Matthew 13:53-56 the names of Jesus brothers are mentioned. His brothers were James (This is same James whose letter is there in New Testament. He was the leader of Jerusalem Church), Joseph, Simon and Judas (not Judas Iscariot). This passage also mentions that Jesus had more than one sister but their names are not mentioned. In Mark 3: 31-35 is written that Mary and Jesus brothers came to meet Him. When someone told Him that His mother and brothers came to visit Him what was his answer? He told him that whoever follows God’s commandments are His brother, sister and mother. Acts 1:14 also mentions about His brothers. This verses mentions that Mary, His brothers and apostles gathered frequently to pray. John 7: 1-10 records dialog between Lord Jesus and His brothers. This passage shows His brothers disbelief in Jesus. 1 Galatians 1: 19 Paul said that James is brother of Jesus. In 1 Corinthians 9:5 Paul again mentions about His brothers. He says that they all were married. See so many proofs.

Joseph was widow

Now one thing comes into picture that Joseph was a widow before marrying Mary. So these children might be of only Joseph. Mary and Jesus was their step mother and step brother respectively. One question arises then that is where they were during birth of Jesus? As we all know that main statues of our crib are Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, angel Gabriel, cows and shepherds and along with their sheep. They are no statues of these men and women. Even Bible doesn’t mention of them during nativity passages. So they were born after Jesus was born. They are true children of Joseph and Mary. Jesus and Mary is not their step brother and step mother respectively. Matthew 1:25 states that Joseph and Mary didn’t had union until she bore Jesus. So she was virgin till Jesus birth. They might had normal relations of husband and wife after that.

Early Christians believed that Jesus had siblings

According to Wikipedia many early Christians believe that Joseph and Mary had children besides Jesus. One of them was Tertullian. Who was Tertullian? Tertullian was a writer. He wrote much Christian Latin literature. He is called father of Latin Christianity. Another man who talked about Jesus brothers was Josephus. He was first century historian who was born in Jerusalem. He has written that high priest Ananus ordered James to be stoned because he broke Moses Law. Here he refers that James was the brother of Jesus Christ.


So here goes off another lie that Mary is a perpetual virgin. This was invented by Roman Catholic Church. I don’t know what the reason behind it. I didn’t want to hurt the sentiments of Roman Catholics.

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