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Shri Hanuman – The Monkey God

By Vikasacharya

Shri Hanuman – The Monkey GodOriginally posted on Vikas Acharya:


Hanuman is the monkey deity renowned for his courage, power and faithful, selfless service. Hanuman was born as the son of the King and Queen of the Monkeys. To others, he is the son of Anjana, an female Apsara who had been transformed into a monkey by a curse, and Vayu, the wind god. It is also said that from his father Vayu Hanuman received the ability to fly.Once Hanuman was he felt hungry and his mother could not satisfy him. Then he caught sight of the Sun and thinking it was a fruit he leap after it. The Sun took flight but Hanuman chased him as far as Indra’s heaven. Here however, Indra intervened and injured Hanuman’s jaw with his thunderbolt.

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Shri Hanuman – The Monkey God

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